Quality service & extremely friendly

I recently purchased a AMG C63 W204 with the standard sound system. After hearing another car with the Upgraded sound system I knew that I had to have this installed some way or the other. After researching for some time, I came across Braybrook’s and was genuinely surprised after speaking to Neil that they could retrofit the HK system. Not only did Neil professionally install the HK sound system, he also provided me with a loan car I could travel back with 200 miles away, whilst the car was in the workshop. Genuinely friendly guy and work carried out was most professional. Car was returned back to me washed/cleaned and with no issues whatsoever.

Neil was also very flexible with schedules etc (we had some bad weather and had to cancel last minute and consequently re-arranged for the following week)

I would recommend Neil and Braybrook’s to anyone who requires their services.

It’s  rare to find this level of service with such a friendly customer service.

Keep up the good work!!!

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