Having used Braybrooks twice so far, I find Neil remarkable for 3 criteria.

Firstly, he is quite patently an expert at what he does. His work is immaculate and once complete, indistinguishable from a factory installation.
Secondly, he is very responsive. He is far quicker than most at replying to phone calls or emails, and is always happy to give a progress update on how things are going.
Thirdly, he enjoys a challenge. Should you propose a retrofit so exotic that the details are not readily available anywhere, he is happily willing to research it open-mindedly to investigate further, even if ultimately the recommendation is that it will not work.

I would highly recommend him & his company.

One word of warning: Should you need to bring your car to his workshop, it can be rather tricky to find the correct turning. While near the cafe/tea-room, that is not the right entrance.

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