I had always wanted the Mercedes IWC Analogue Clock for my SL400. I read countless forums sites, spoke to Mercedes Benz dealers in Sydney Australia, dealt with a Mercedes retrofit business in Germany, all to no avail. Either too hard, impossible or exorbitant prices via Mercedes Benz Australia. I somehow found the Braybrooks In-Car Enhancements site, made the brief enquiry to Neil and all then was made possible. Very speedy and regular communications followed. The DIY kit was assembled by Neil, with full instructions and bespoke wiring harness to connect the clock to my SL. The kit then travelled from Welwyn UK to Sydney Australia in 3 days. The kit arrived in a Mercedes box with excellent level of packaging. It was exactly as ordered. Neil’s instructions were perfect. Took my wife and I a couple of hours to disassemble and then reassemble the dash and console trim. A handy tip by Neil on how to thread the harness from the radio up to speaker grille area, was invaluable. Albeit one of the plugs did not want to come apart from the parking distance indicator. However, swearing at it in English, Australian and finally in German, seemed to do wonders. All worked out very well. Neil had been responsive and prompt with all queries. The finished product looks as it should, as if it had just left the factory. I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone in the world, Braybrooks In-Car Enhancements.

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