This is an excellent small business. I was having two monitors installed in the back of my Mercedes GLE, for the kids on the long journeys that my family frequently make.
Neil had expert knowledge of both the equipment that was needed (saving me £2000 over the OEM items) and the car itself, and its wiring systems. He had the whole rig wired up seamlessly and ready to go in around 4 hours.
It works a treat and it in inconceivable to me that it could be any better. I have the latest Rosen monitors that communicate with each other with 11 inch screens, the latest Android operating system, and it even includes 2 sets of wireless headphones and a built in DVD player, should it be required.
I cannot recommend Braybrooks highly enough. The service is thoroughly professional and courteous and the whole experience is thoroughly positive, and even charming, because of the tranquil rural setting, next to a field containing exotic pig breeds, ostriches, alpacas and unusual breeds of chicken. Should you need anything whatsoever installed in your car, look no further Neil Braybrooks is your man!

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