Sound Upgrade To Burmester in new S Class

We love a challenge here at Braybrook’s and this one was definitely that. Replacing all of the speakers and installing the dedicated amplifier was a very time consuming task but nothing untoward! The challenge was in the wiring! Our options were to either replace the entire floor harness which runs the entire car, or build […]

G-Class 6×6 AMG Reversing Camera and Parktonic – in Mallorca!

G63 AMG 6x6 Parktronic Retrofit - Front

An existing client recently asked us to quote for original Mercedes Parktronic parking sensors, reversing camera and a cruise control to be fitted to his new Mercedes G63AMG 6X6. Much to our surprise, and his annoyance, these weren’t standard items on a car that costs more than a lot of people’s houses!! Many e-mails flowed […]

SLK R172 Ambient Lighting

We’ve just retrofitted ambient lighting to an SLK. We were asked to quote for Ambient Lighting, Comand and Media Interface. The interesting part was definitely the lighting. Door trims were modified and the entire centre dash panel was replaced. We also added small spot lights to the top of the A-pillars and LED lamps into […]