An existing client recently asked us to quote for original Mercedes Parktronic parking sensors, reversing camera and a cruise control to be fitted to his new Mercedes G63AMG 6X6. Much to our surprise, and his annoyance, these weren’t standard items on a car that costs more than a lot of people’s houses!!

Many e-mails flowed back & forth and after much deliberation a plan was put together for installation. Our biggest problem was that the vehicle lived in Mallorca! Flights booked, car hire and hotels arranged, shorts packed we headed off to fit a big box of bits that we had shipped earlier.

Working in a boatyard without our normal tools wasn’t without complications but after two long days the camera and parking sensors were working and complete. The only issue now was to get the cruise control to work.

This final task was definitely a real challenge and almost a whole day was spent with computer diagnostics connected and many calls back to UK Mercedes departments which sadly was to no avail. This was one of the few very rare occasions that we have actually had to admit defeat. And let me tell you “That hurt!”  Even though we had forewarned the customer that this might happen it still was a major disappointment for us.

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