A few weeks back, a dealer came to us with a dilemma – A car that was made to order for a customer had been delivered with the wrong colour wood interior. To top it off, the centre console was missing the AMG clock.

We assured him that we would be able to help him out. Once we had obtained the chassis number, we were able to identify the parts that should have been in the car.

The parts had to be ordered from the factory in Germany. A week later, the parts arrive, we built a custom wiring harness for the clock and booked the car in for us to complete the work. The finished result was perfect and you would never be able to tell that the car wasn’t built with these parts from day one.

8 thoughts on “C63 AMG S – Trim Replacement and Clock Retrofit

  1. Sean says:

    Hello. I am w205 owner. Orignally my car has no clock so there isnt wiring harness for clock. I bought everyparts for retrofit and installed everythig but clock.
    Can your wiring harness be connected in a way of plug and play? I found some wiring harness but they need cut and paste of original harness. If you harness is plug and play type(without affecting original line) i want to buy. And it would be more helpful if you show me the picture of wiring harness itself.
    Thank you.

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Our harness is not plug and play as there are several points that can be connected to depending on the exact spec of the car. We are happy to supply a harness with full instructions of where to connect on your specific car. The wiring will need to be soldered in to existing harnesses in 2 of the 3 connections. The cost of the harness and instructions is £50. Please supply your chassis number when ordering.

  2. Kevin Smart says:

    Hi, I would like to retro fit the analogue clock to my car. I am going to purchase the console complete with the clock. Could you tell me what wiring I would require and the cost please? At the moment I have the exact set up as the one in your photo, the piano black console without clock. My chassis No is WDD2053862F751193.

  3. Ben says:

    I am looking to retrofit the clock too. I have got the new trim with the clock but have no cables. Are you able to sell a custom wiring harness to me including the connectors?

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