With increasing demand for Dash-Cams, this is definitely the product for the discerning Mercedes owner. With very neat cameras available for front and rear mounting, that sit flat against the window, make this one of the neatest systems available. No visible cables. Parking mode recording. Micro SD card recording. Mobile phone App control.

44 thoughts on “New DashCam products from Mercedes Benz now available

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Farouk. Yes, this will work perfectly in your new car. Details and prices are the same as other models and I have now added C class 206 to the website listing HERE

  1. Ranaa says:

    Hi, I have GLE 350 e, will I be able to access the dash cam remotely while am not in the car! meaning if there is theft attempt, or someone did harm, will I get notification, or can I have live view from my iPhone ? does it require internet connection if one is not in the car! Thank you

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi. This is not possible with the Mercedes system as it does not have its own internet connection. The system I would recommend that has this feature would be the Thinkware T700. This has its own SIM card that connects to Vodafone and then sends notifications directly. We offer this at a fitted price of £549 Inc VAT (There is a monthly cost of £3/month for the Vodafone SIM)

      • kash says:

        Hi, thanks for the info, I have E class and i want to install this product as you mentioned comes with wifi, also is it comes with front rear and inside recording? and much cost for this. can you please send me details of this device and where are located for installation?

        • Neil Braybrook says:

          Hi Kash. This is a front and rear system but NOT inside. It captures outside images only. We are based AL6 0LL. Full details of the product are on our website HERE

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Hi Neil
    I’m looking to buy new Mercedes A250 and am interested in having front an rear cameras fitted. Are the camera operated on ignition switch on or do they have to be aurally started?

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Mike

      The cameras are controlled by the car so do not need to be manually set. They will automatically record whenever the car is driving and also when the car is parked and the radar and/or motion sensors detect movement.

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      I can supply the parts and detailed installation instructions but I have no installation facilities in the US – Sorry. We charge £200 to £250 to install but I would expect most others to charge more!

  3. Nick says:

    Hi, me and my Merc E43 live in Devon.
    If you install the Merc Dash Cam for me, is there any impact on the service agreement I have with local dealer, and because it’s a ‘modification’ will the dealer help sort any future issues, or would I need to come back to Braybrooks? (Happy if that’s the case)

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Nick

      Because we use all genuine parts and install according to their procedures the warranty of this device can be handled by any Mercedes dealer (with a little bit if paperwork from us) Or of course we would be happy to sort it out. Having said that, we have sold dozens of these systems and never had a failure yet (and are very unlikely to! This is not a cheap Chinese product) Warranty of the rest of the car will NOT be affected in any way.

  4. Adam Alsharif says:

    Hi again, i noticed in S class models have have buildin dashcam in older models at the top of the windshild,, will the s class model dashcam can be fitted in the e class model 2019 please. my car has 2 camers and rain sensor which is very similar to s class.

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Adam

      It is not possible to upgrade the original camera system to offer dash cam facilities on ANY Mercedes without MBUX. Even on cars with MBUX, although they have the hardware, this is not currently a UK option.

    • Adam Alsharif says:

      Neil, thank you for your feed back, any update in getting the dash cam to work with the car software rather the mobile app. also can you install Augmented reality or is there plan for future installation. thank you

      • Neil Braybrook says:

        Hi Adam

        Augmented reality is another of the MBUX features. The software and hardware is not present is any car without MBUX. This is unlikely to ever happen!

        To get the dash cam to view on the screen sounds simple enough! Download the app, connect to the wifi and job done…… However, Mercedes do not allow their own app to download onto their screen! Crazy!!

  5. Peter says:

    I have a 2017 glc mercedes dealer quoted 9 hours to fit front and rear cameras is this the time you would need my car?

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Peter

      We have installed many of these cameras to GLC and can assure you we can complete this task in around 2 to 2.5 hours and the end result is just as Mercedes describe in their documentation. We are happy to do this while-u-wait and have a Customer lounge with free hot & cold drinks, WiFi and seating/desk/sofa.

  6. Alex says:

    Hi, does this dash camera record during the night? as we have been victims of vandalism while the car us sitting on our drive. Also with regards to fitting is this done remotely or is this something that needs to be done on site? Thank you in advance

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Alex

      The camera does have a parking mode which will turn on when the car is stationary. Recording will commence when the built in radar sensor detects movement nearby ar the shock sensor senses any kind of impact.
      Installations are all carried out at our workshop in Hertfordshire (AL6 0LL)

  7. Giz says:

    how do you view the actual video, there is no screen on the device? do you connect it to an app or does the video show up on the dash screen?

    I have a 2019 e coupe with full digital dash, will this work?

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Giz
      The files on the camera are viewed using an app on your smartphone. The camera creates a WiFi hotspot for you to connect to and then via the app you are able to view/download videos and adjust settings etc. In theory you should be able to connect your car to this hotspot but downloading the app to the car has proven to be unattainable (to us!) I’m not saying that viewing files on your car screen is not an option – but I have been unable to get it to work!!.

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Michael

      We are able to install to your car. Our systems have been updated to reflect the changes in the new models so as to be sure of a correct installation.

  8. Atanas Georgiev says:

    I have Mercedes E350e W213 petrol hybrid 2017. Will it work on my car? How much it cost to be fitted by you?

  9. Gabriel Alexandru says:

    Good afternoon,
    I was a victim of hit and run in the car park, therefore I would like to fit a whiteness camera on my car, I am just wondering if these cameras works on my model!!!
    It’s Mercedes-Benz A250, 2016 plate, vin: WDD1760512J453015

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      I’m sorry I have no technical specifications for this product. It is a Genuine Mercedes product and is worthy of their Brand name but details are sparse.

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