With increasing demand for Dash-Cams, this is definitely the product for the discerning Mercedes owner. With very neat cameras available for front and rear mounting, that sit flat against the window, make this one of the neatest systems available. No visible cables. Parking mode recording. Micro SD card recording. Mobile phone App control.

14 thoughts on “New DashCam products from Mercedes Benz now available

  1. Giz says:

    how do you view the actual video, there is no screen on the device? do you connect it to an app or does the video show up on the dash screen?

    I have a 2019 e coupe with full digital dash, will this work?

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Giz
      The files on the camera are viewed using an app on your smartphone. The camera creates a WiFi hotspot for you to connect to and then via the app you are able to view/download videos and adjust settings etc. In theory you should be able to connect your car to this hotspot but downloading the app to the car has proven to be unattainable (to us!) I’m not saying that viewing files on your car screen is not an option – but I have been unable to get it to work!!.

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Michael

      We are able to install to your car. Our systems have been updated to reflect the changes in the new models so as to be sure of a correct installation.

  2. Atanas Georgiev says:

    I have Mercedes E350e W213 petrol hybrid 2017. Will it work on my car? How much it cost to be fitted by you?

  3. Gabriel Alexandru says:

    Good afternoon,
    I was a victim of hit and run in the car park, therefore I would like to fit a whiteness camera on my car, I am just wondering if these cameras works on my model!!!
    It’s Mercedes-Benz A250, 2016 plate, vin: WDD1760512J453015

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      I’m sorry I have no technical specifications for this product. It is a Genuine Mercedes product and is worthy of their Brand name but details are sparse.

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