We offer genuine Mercedes Rear seat entertainment systems ‘as it would have been from the factory’ as well as genuine Mercedes Retrofit kits. We also offer after-market solutions that can be tailored to your exact needs.

The Mercedes Benz Rear Seat Entertainment systems include screens mounted behind the headrests, a DVD player, cordless headhones and will generally integrate fully with the Comand unit at the front also.

Aftermarket systems can be installed in many different forms. Tablet style monitors can be mounted behind the headrest with built in DVD player or iPod dock and incorporate basic games console. Alternatively, we can use complete replacement headrests which are colour and grain matched to look as close as possible to the car’s interior. On some vehicles, we can build monitors in to the existing headrests to give a more integrated look.

Please view our shop to see which options are available for your car.

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