With recent updates and new software as well as new hardware, all of our SmartBox solutions for Apple CarPlay are now wireless. This means that you don’t need to physically connect your phone now to benefit from the advantages of CarPlay.  You can of course still choose to plug in for charging if required. We also have a range of Wireless QI charging kits available too.

Android Auto is still a feature of these kits but this does require a USB connection to use this along with the Mirror-Link feature.

Kits are now available for:

  • A class 176 and new A class 177
  • B class 246 and new B class 247
  • CLA class 117 and new CLA class 118
  • GLA class 156 and new GLA class 157
  • C class 204 and C class 205
  • GLC class 253
  • S class 222
  • SLK class and SLC class 172
  • SL class 231
  • E class 212 and E class Coupe/Cabriolet 207
  • X class 470
  • V class 447

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