I have 12 yr old girl with Special needs who needed the Mercedes made telescopic folding table facility in our new V class Marco Polo Horizon. It isnt standard UK spec as UK models dont come with the seating rails to accommodate the sliding table mountings. Mercedes where typically unhelpful and said even if I managed to get the right rails they wouldnt fit them. Enter Braybrooks……
Neil quickly sourced the correct rails from Germany and fitted them with precision in just a couple of hours. The table duly slid into place perfectly and now I have the facility of a professionally fitted but removable table in my Horizon. An option that should be available for the UK market for a camper van not just Germany. My girl Ava loves it as she is able to put her activity just in front of her during a journey. With the front seats turned round it also made for a very useful little family picnic table last time we got fish and chips together and it was pouring down ! A big thanks to Neil for his effort and great service. Well worth the 350 mile round trip. I recommend Braybrooks to anyone. Just brilliant.

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