The Mercedes S class is a very high spec car but not everything comes as standard! The options list is huge and often a selection of products is offered as a package leaving it difficult to get ‘everything’ required at a sensible price.

A recent customer had just brought his new S class and with most options covered including soft close doors he hadn’t realised that the car didn’t have the remote boot closing. It opened on either a button on the door or the key, but closing was only by manually pushing the lid down. Having been told by his dealer that this was not possible to retrofit, we were commissioned to complete this modification.

Installation of the motor assembly was straight-forward enough, but the wiring was not available as a spare part from Mercedes. This meant purchasing just the plugs and then constructing a harness. This has to be done to match the rest of the harnesses to alleviate any warranty issues which creates quite a challenge. But we love a challenge!

The result was an installation that was as close to factory fitted as it gets. There is no visible differences and it works in an identical manner as done from the factory.

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