With the latest software release from Apple, iOS12 has allowed more developers to integrate their apps into CarPlay. Google Maps and Waze have already released updates to enable this which we have tried and tested in all of CarPlay adapters and SmartBoxes.

We can now integrate CarPlay into most Mercedes from 2012 onwards. Contact us now to see if your car can integrate this exciting technology.

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8 thoughts on “Google Maps and Waze are now on CarPlay available on most Mercedes

  1. Jak says:

    Hi Neil,

    Can I have CarPlay installed by you on my GLC 250 with Command please? Will it give me wireless ability and also will my warranty be unaffected?

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Jak. We offer a CarPlay SmartBox that will give you wireless CarPlay. Details HERE. Warranty is not affected as this is a ‘plug & play’ item.

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      On this year of car, the manufacturer of the radio is Melco and they did not have the required hardware to enable CarPlay. Only in late 2017 they changed supplier to Panasonic which has the relevant abilities to activate CarPlay but that too has now been disabled by Mercedes.

      We do however have a solution that will give you CarPlay in your car. Click here to view on our website.

      I hope this is of interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Mohammad Umer says:

    Hi Neil
    I have a Mercedes S350 Blue tea 2013 W221. Can you install Apple Car play in it? If yes, how much it will cost?

    • Neil Braybrook says:

      Hi Chris

      We can integrate CarPlay / Android Auto into your car by using a SmartBox. This is installed behind the radio and uses existing screen and controller. Full details can be found here

      I hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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