Using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows safe use of various apps from our smartphones and control them using the standard controls of the car and our voices. 

Here at Braybrooks we are constantly researching new and better products and all other options to continually extend our range. We currently have a solution for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for most Mercedes models from around 2012 onwards.

Depending on your vehicle, we can enable Apple CarPlay/Android Auto in Mercedes using one of three methods:

OBD Activation

A mail order item that plugs in to your car’s OBD port and updates the settings to activate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Professional Programming

Using our Mercedes Diagnostics system, we can update the settings in your car to activate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Hardware Installation

We can install (or mail for DIY install) a hardware solution that will add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your Mercedes’ existing screen and use existing controls.

Please view our shop to see which options are available for your car.

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