From the initial web contact form enquiries to the installation and beyond, Neil and Co had been most amazing to deal with.

The CarPlay and reverse camera for my 2010 S212 E-Class estate were installed in about 2.5 hours while I did some work in the comfortable waiting room equipped with desk, WiFi and beverages. Neil then took me through the pairing and basic functions of the CarPlay system before I left.

I enjoyed Waze and Spotify on my built-in APS50 screen and stereo all the way back to London, but it was only when I arrived home I found the screen was flickering when put in reverse and the camera angle was far too low. A call to Neil and an appointment was made the next day to return to fix the issue.

Upon my revisit, Neil quickly worked on my car and installed a new camera which corrected the flickering and view angle problems. Again, amazing work and professionalism.

On my way home, a little vibration noise was observed on certain road surface, which was most surprising as my car was solidly quiet after my first visit where the dash was taken apart and put together to install the CarPlay module.

I immediately returned to Braybrook and Neil dropped everything and attended me. After spending sometime on the car checking all fittings and a test drive with me, Neil identified my clip-on Dash-cam over the rear view mirror was loose and caused the noise… how embarrassing.

The attentive, personal and friendly services I received were most impressive and inspired great confidence in their work and aftersales service. I would definitely recommend Neil and his team to anyone.

Separately, the CarPlay system installed in mine has other functions. Digging into the settings, under Smartphones, one can switch between CarPlay and iOSMirror mode. In CarPlay mode, connected either wirelessly or via a cable, Apple’s tight controls apply. However, in iOSMirror mode, which is cable only, the screen mirrors the iPhone, provided safely and responsibly parked, one can play YouTube, movies… etc in the car.

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